Wine making

Wine Cellar

The antique wine cellar under the castle is actually where we produce the Castello di Montegiove wines. It would off course have been so much easier and more practical in a new barn next to the wine yard but much less charming.

After the wine harvest there is still a huge work to be done to transform the grapes into Castello di Montegiove wines.

Our two American winemakers are making this years wine harvest very special. Finally we have someone to discuss all issues with, they are taking part in everything and are happy to share their knowledge and experience with us. We cannot believe how lucky we are to have them with us this year, we really appreciate when the world is coming to Montegiove.

The work in cellar begins early in the morning with the morning pump overs and ends late at night when Lorenzo does the last pump overs before going to bed. It feels just like having a new baby in the house that needs attention around the clock, but luckily this baby is not waking up in the middle of the night so we can sleep through and dream about the nice result of all the hard work.


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