Garden and Nature · Life at Castello di Montegiove



Castello di Montegiove and the surrounding estate.

Old hand painted map from the Gregorian Cadastre (1816-1834).

The last couple of days I have been drawing trekking maps for walking in the surroundings of Montegiove. The maps are meant as guides for our guests in the farmhouses who want to go for walks or bike rides in the nature.

We have dragged the girls along for exploring and testing the walks and it has been so much fun. Sunday we walked on a path leading to an old Lombard fortification from the 9th-10th centuries that was excavated in 1988. It was really exiting imagining how everything looked like, when these people lived here so many years ago.

Montegiove keeps on surprising me with the history and all the things that have been going on in the past just outside the castle gate, if the walls could talk they would have so much to tell.


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