Life at Castello di Montegiove

Farmers Market in Cittá della Pieve


The weekly farmers market with stalls selling super fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, local salame and prosciutto, porchetta, honey, saffron etc from the area. This popular local market takes place every Saturday and is extended once every month with stalls selling shoes, clothing, kitchen tools and curtains… you name it.

The farmers market is where you meet on Saturday mornings; there is a lively conversation about recipes and the quality of the products. Italians loves to talk about food and they are all convinced that the way they are cooking is the best. It sounds like a speed talk competition, where everybody tries to beet each other with tricks and hints for how to prepare the perfect Sunday lunch, sometimes I am not sure anyone is listening but everyone is for sure talking.

I love the farmers market and the atmosphere around it, it is such a luxury having the possibility to get the fresh fruits and vegetables at a very reasonable price and then go home with my head full of new creative ideas and start cooking. A dear friend even abandoned his vegetable garden because “it is just so much more convenient and less work going to the farmers market”!


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