Welcome to life in a 13th century castle and estate, my hope is to share with you the experience of everyday life here at Castello di Montegiove.

I moved from City life in Copenhagen to Country life in central Italy in 2002, together with my wine producing Italian husband, Lorenzo to take over his family estate, Castello di Montegiove.

It was a big step, but I have never regretted this decision, even though the first years in Montegiove were not at all like a fairytale. The castle had to be completely restored. All the roofs had big holes, so we spent all rainy days running around with pots and pans to pick up the water dripping in, so being La Marchesa was hard work from the beginning. Today, the castle has been through a thorough renovation. We are still not completely done, but every year new restoration projects are completed here and there and I guess living in a 12th century mediaeval castle is like that, the second you are done in one corner a new corner needs attention.

I worked with pattern making and design in the fashion industry before moving to Italy. My big passion has always been decorating and putting things in order, so moving to a place like this, where everything needed a loving hand, has been a fantastic challenge. I love to cook and invent new recipes, especially since my husband and our oldest daughter have celiac disease, so we are gluten free, not by choice, but by doctors order.

We have transformed the old Olive Mill of the Castle into guesthouses and this brings us guests from all over the world. It is just so nice to welcome new guests and call them friends when they leave. We love to feel the enthusiasm and interest from people visiting and it is always very inspiring seeing Montegiove in a new light through other people’s eyes.

I still feel so lucky waking up in the morning and looking out at the beautiful valley and I never tire of the absolute silence and peace that is so rare to find in the modern world of today. Some mornings, the clouds are hanging lower than the castle and it feels like we are floating on an island in the middle of the sea. Montegiove is a place that truly needs to be visited to understand it’s beauty, but I hope to give you a small glimpse into everyday life here at the castle.


 Castello di Montegiove, 05010 Montegabbione (TR), Italia, +39 0763 837 473



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