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Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Castello Montegiove Wine Corks

Super simpel and easy Christmas ornament

You will need:

7 wine corks

Hot glue

String to hang ca. 30 cm

Ribbon ca. 50 cm


Cut one of the wine corks in two, this will be the base for the tree.

Glue 6 wine corks together (see the photo above). Place the ribbon around the tree and make a bow on the top.

Glue the base to the bottom of the tree, insert the string and tie a knot.


Merry Christmas!





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September bullet Nora

Bullet journal cover for September by Norasmessyart

Summer is almost over, the nights are getting fresher and we are collecting wild blackberries and figs, filling the freezer with tomato sauce and vegetables ready for winter cooking, autumn is just around the corner. The kids are getting ready for school, all books are bought and after more than 12 weeks of Italian school holiday it is about time to get started again (says the parents). We are charging our batteries for the upcoming wine harvest and cleaning and preparing the cellar for biggest event of the year at Castello di Montegiove. Happy September to all!

Blackberries Castello di Montegiove


My pattern book for sewing for children

Some years ago I wrote this Danish book with sewing patterns for children’s clothing.

I was sewing almost all the clothes for our girls as I could never bye exactly the right things to equip them to suit my taste. Friends asked me to share the sewing patterns and that was how the idea for the book started.

The book is still for sale in Denmark from the publisher Degne Distrib.

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Pinecone Ball


These pinecone balls are easy to make and a fun project also for children, they will love going for a walk searching for the pinecones.

Polystyrene balls
Brown spray paint
Hot glue
Lots of small pinecones
A string and a nice bow
Some glitter to make the pinecone ball even more festive

1. Make a hole in the polystyrene ball and attach a string, with hot glue, to hang the ball.

2. Paint the polystyrene balls with the brown spray paint and let it dry.

3. Attach all the pinecones with the hot glue, start from the top around the string and work down to the bottom of the ball.

4. Let the glue dry before arranging the bow and apply the glitter.