Easter · Garden and Nature



I am already looking forward to the Easter holiday here at Castello di Montegiove. We always go for long walks or bicycle rides with friends and family and we often end up having an improvised picnic when the first warm sun rays allows it.

In Montegiove, Easter is celebrated with traditional food such as roasted lamb, artichokes and the delicious Colomba Pasquale witch is a cake shaped as a dove. All the ladies in the village gather around the old wood fired ovens to bake “Le Torte di Pasqua” witch is a cheese bread served with eggs and cured meat for the Easter lunch or Easter picnic.

On Palm Sunday, olive branches are handed out to people during the mass and on Easter Monday, there will be dances, concerts and games involving huge Italian chocolate Easter eggs.

For the Easter processione at the night of Good Friday, the statues of Maria and Jesus are brought out of the village church and paraded through the streets of Montegiove and the participants are wearing ancient attire.

So many things are going on in the Umbrian hill towns during Easter. In Panicale a small town near Montegiove they play “Ruzzolone” where huge wheels of cheese, weighing about 4 kilos, is rolled around the village walls as a local version of golf, so much fun.

For our family Easter is the time of the year where we take time off to enjoy each other’s company and Montegiove becomes alive after the quiet winter.