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Roasted chestnuts and mosto di vino rosso


The best thing about these first days of the wine harvest is the newly pressed red grape juice “il mosto di vino rosso” a delicacy closely linked to autumn. For us at Castello di Montegiove it marks the moment when the grapes pass from the vineyard to the cellar.

In the evening we gather around the big table in the kitchen with a glass of fresh pressed sweet grape must and drink it together with roasted chestnuts from the Umbrian mountains around Montegiove. We eat them with a pinch of salt and somehow, we always end up eating way too many, the combination of the sweet must and the salty chestnuts is just delicious.





Life at Castello di Montegiove · Wine making

Experience Wine Harvest first hand

Enjoy the beautiful autumn in Umbria at Castello di Montegiove.

Follow the grapes from the vineyard to the wine cellar and learn about the fermentation and ageing phases of the wines.

We offer our houseguests a guided tour of the castle and wine cellar and a tasting of our wines combined with a talk about life at Castello di Montegiove.

We still have rentals vacant in the agriturismo in October so if you are looking for fantastic place to stay and are curious to see the wine harvest first hand at the castle then don’t hesitate to contact us.



Life at Castello di Montegiove · Wine making


We have been bottling our new 2016, it is one of the first signs that spring is on the way to Castello di Montegiove. The bottles with the pretty, bright pink wine looks so inviting and makes me look forward to summer lunches and evening aperitifs with friends and family at the terrace.

It is produced from Sangiovese, Canaiolo Nero and Sagrantino grapes using the classical “saignée” method. The “saignée” process involves bleeding off a portion of wine after only a short period of time in contact with the grape skins. The colour of the rosé wine is derived from pigments only found in the skins of coloured grapes; the resulting colour of the juice from a short contact with the skins will have light or bright pink hue.

Cin Cin!




Wine making

Wine Cellar

The antique wine cellar under the castle is actually where we produce the Castello di Montegiove wines. It would off course have been so much easier and more practical in a new barn next to the wine yard but much less charming.

After the wine harvest there is still a huge work to be done to transform the grapes into Castello di Montegiove wines.

Our two American winemakers are making this years wine harvest very special. Finally we have someone to discuss all issues with, they are taking part in everything and are happy to share their knowledge and experience with us. We cannot believe how lucky we are to have them with us this year, we really appreciate when the world is coming to Montegiove.

The work in cellar begins early in the morning with the morning pump overs and ends late at night when Lorenzo does the last pump overs before going to bed. It feels just like having a new baby in the house that needs attention around the clock, but luckily this baby is not waking up in the middle of the night so we can sleep through and dream about the nice result of all the hard work.

Wine making

Wine Harvest

Welcome to the busiest and most intense time of year in Montegiove.

This year we have been very patient with the grapes. We have waited until the last minute to be sure that they were perfectly ripe and ready to be transformed into Castello di Montegiove wines.

The weather has given us lots of trouble this year because it has rained a couple of hours almost every day. We check three different weather forecasts, nearly ten times daily, looking for more than one sunny day in a row. So far the grapes we have brought in have been perfect, so now we just have to wait for the next few sunny days to complete the 2016 wine harvest.

We are so lucky to have a fantastic group of committed pickers in the vineyard, and two enthusiastic, hard working American wine makers in the cellar. We are so grateful to all of them, and we look forward to sharing the bounty of our harvest with you.